South African Medical Association

The Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund assists destitute doctors and the families of these doctors, financially. Currently 31 families receive support from the Benevolent Fund. This worthy cause annually pays out more than a million rand in grants to beneficiaries. Examples where the Benevolent Fund assisted:

  • The Fund assisted a family where the doctor was tragically killed and his wife had no immediate means to support herself or their small children
  • The Fund assists the mentally disabled child of a late doctor
  • The Fund assists a doctor who sustained brain damage after an accident
  • The Fund assists a family where the doctor practised in a rural community (mostly pro-bono), when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, his family discovered that his estate was bankrupt.

The continued existence of the fund is dependent on your donations. We appeal to each doctor in South Africa to contribute to this worthy cause.

Donations may be made to the following account:

Account name   : The South African Medical Association Benevolent Fund
Bank                 : Standard Bank
Branch              : Hatfield Branch
Branch code     : 011545
Account number: 011933607

The rules of Persal does not allow for the collection of donations, thus doctors working in the public sector are requested to authorise the Benevolent Fund to collect donations by debit order. To institute a debit order, please contact the SAMA membership department at 012 481 2071 or complete the authorisation form and fax to 012 481 2095 or e-mail to

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