The Organising and Collective Bargaining

The Organising and Collective Bargaining Division, is a division of the public sector with the primary role and function of protecting and advancing the socio economic interests of members through collective bargaining. Collective bargaining is an interactive process involving two or more parties with conflicting interests who seek to reach a mutually acceptable written agreement know as a collective agreement. A collective agreement concluded by the parties contains terms and conditions of employment as well as any other matter of mutual interest.

Briefly the division concern itself with the following activities:

  • Negotiations on salaries, benefits and allowances
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Establishing and maintaining of bilateral relations with employers
  • Establishing and support of public sector structures
  • Policy proposals, reviews and monitoring
  • Provision of administrative support to Public Sector leadership and subcommittees
  • Relationship building with like-minded organisations

In relation to the negotiations of salaries and other conditions of employments function, the division represents members in the two public service bargaining councils namely; the Public service coordinating bargaining council (PSCBC) and the Public health and social development sectoral bargaining council (PHSDSBC). The two bargaining Councils have over time concluded numbers agreements that have a bearing on members. The division, through its monitoring mechanisms also ensures that the employers adhere and implements the agreed collective agreements and policies correctly. The division further provides constant updates on new developments and trends in the field of collective bargaining with a view to ensure that members are sufficiently informed at all times.


The PSCBC is the coordinating bargaining council of the public service that deals with all matters that are regulated by uniform rules, norms and standards that apply across the public service as well as all matters that apply to the terms and conditions of service that apply to two or more sectors.

PSCBC Resolutions 2007 – 2014

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The PHSDSBC is a sectoral bargaining council for the public health and social development. It was established in terms of a Resolution of the PSCBC, in order to handle all collective bargaining matters falling with the scope of the public health and social development. The scope of the council extents to the national departments of health and social development as well as all the provincial administrations of health and social development in the country. The bargaining council furthermore has jurisdiction over all health professionals employed in the correctional services and defence government departments.

PHSDSBC Resolution from 2007 – 2014

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The division may be contacted on email: or 012 481 2160/ 2075

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