Volunteer Wok

As the SA Medical Association, we are acutely aware of the benevolent work being done by our SAMA members in communities around the country. For this purpose, we have created a facility to record the work being done by our members. By completing this form, we can quantify the work that SAMA members are doing for no remuneration (financial or otherwise). The data will be used to highlight and appreciate the often thankless tasks that doctors are performing on a regular basis.

If you require to remain anonymous, we have provided this facility on the form – your name will not be mentioned in any form of communication, but the data will be captured as services performed and aggregated into the data received from other members.

The data submitted will be on your conscience – any contact we might have with you in this regard will be for clarification purposes and not for verification.

In order to make use of this service, you have to be a registered SAMA web user. Please register or login.

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