SAMA Research Masters Supplementary Scholarship

The SAMA Research Masters Supplementary Scholarship Programme is intended to encourage medical practitioners to embark on a research master’s degree at a recognized South African institution of higher learning and to foster the development of research competencies in medical practitioners to promote academic medicine in South Africa. The Research Masters may serve as a prerequisite for doctoral studies.

The requirements for successful completion of a Master’s Degree are as follows: Master’s Degree by dissertation or publication: A single advanced research project, culminating in the production and acceptance of a dissertation or other forms of publication as indicated below. This excludes the professional Master’s degree such as the Masters in Medicine done as a requirement for specialist training. Master's Degree graduates in general must be able to reflect critically on theory and its application. They must be able to deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively, design and critically appraise research, make sound judgments using data and information at their disposal and communicate their conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences, demonstrate self-direction and originality in tackling and solving problems, act autonomously in planning and implementing tasks with a theoretical underpinning and continue to advance their knowledge, understanding and skills.

The research component or components of a general Master's Degree should be corresponding with the characteristics of the discipline and field as well as the purpose of the programme, and in addition to a dissertation or treatise may take the form of a technical report, one or more creative performances or works, or a series of peer-reviewed articles or other research-equivalent outputs.

Selection criteria:
The Scholarships are open to medical graduates of any university within South Africa who have started their research masters study within one year of application. Only South African citizens will qualify. The main selection criteria is the academic quality of the research proposal and the suitability of the project for the South African environment. Preference should be given to researchers whose research topics are of relevant to the South African Medical Association.

Applications must include:

  • Completed application form with a passport-size photograph attached.
  • 1 Typed copy of curriculum-vitae (maximum of 2 pages).
  • Title of project and short abstract of research project (500 words) detailing the background, aims and objectives, research question and methods.
  • Proof of registration with an academic institution.
  • 1 Reference from the supervisor of the applicant. The referee’s title and academic status should be clearly indicated in this (with official rubber-stamp). These should be confidential (in sealed envelopes) and should be recent-dated or may be emailed by the supervisor.

The SAMA Medical Education Bursary Committee
P O Box 74789
Lynnwood Ridge
Emailed to the Committee Coordinator, Ms Karlien Pienaar or contact 012-481 2097

The application form can be downloaded here


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