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South African Medical Association Research Ethics Committee - SAMAREC

Prof J R Snyman MBChB, M Pharm Med, MD Pharmacologist Chairperson Research Ethics Expert Experience in Quantitative Research Methodologies Expert in biostatistics, Male
Dr M Groenewald MBChB, DCH (SA), PG Dip Int Res Ethics(UCT) General Practitioner Vice Chair Research Ethics Expert Medical Professional, Female
Prof M Kakaza MBChB, Mmed(Neuro) Specialist Neurologist Research Ethics Expert Medical Professional, Female
Mrs B Fineberg BSc (Hons); H.D.E Educator Layperson, Female
Dr N Naidoo BSc, BMedSc, MBBCh, MPH, MMed (Clinical Pathology) Clinical Pathologist Medical Professional, Male
Ms W Massangaie LLB. Cert Medical Negligence and Health Sector       Mediation Attorney Legal Representative, Female
Mr M le Roux B.Th, M.Div Medicolegal Advisor Legal Representative, Male
Dr T Lengana MBBCh,, MSc Med (Bioethics & Health Law); FCNP (SA); MMed (Nuclear Medicine), PhD (Nuclear Medical Sciences) Specialist Nuclear Physician Research Ethics Expert Medical Professional, Male
T Coetzee PG Dip (health Res Ethics); M Phil (Applied Ethics) Research Ethics Project Manager Research Ethics Expert, Female

The South African Medical Association Research Ethics Committee (SAMAREC) was established by the SA Medical Association (SAMA) in 1992 to evaluate the ethics of research protocols developed for clinical trials to be conducted in the private healthcare sector.

The main responsibility of SAMAREC is to ensure the protection and respect of the rights, safety and well being of participants involved in clinical trials and to provide public assurance of that protection by reviewing, approving and providing comment on clinical trial protocols, the suitability of investigator(s), facilities, methods and procedures used to obtain informed consent.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Guidelines

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SAMAREC Whistle Blower

The SAMA Research Ethics Committee (SAMAREC) calls on all study staff or participants to ask questions about your participation in any of our approved studies. Please report any problems or concerns you may have about any study. You may contact the Research Ethics Committee (REC) anonymously on this page

SAMAREC is a REC whose committee members provide Research Ethics Committee services for participants and study staff involved in research studies in the Private Sector in South Africa.

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