Governance and Legal Department

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Governance & Legal

SAMA is a non-statutory, professional Association for public and private sector medical practitioners. The Governance & Legal Department provides doctors with individual and collective representation aimed at influencing medical and health legislation, regulation and policies. Through the Governance & Legal Department, SAMA members enjoy full voting rights at National Council and local branch levels. The SAMA Memorandum of Incorporation was updated and amended to bring it in line with the Company's Act and it was recently adopted by the majority of its members. The unit also offers doctors access to a wealth of information in health related legislation, regulation, guidelines and policy documents that is available.

The following Standing Committees is Co-ordinated by the Governance & Legal Department:-
Audit & Risk Committee;
Constitutional Matters Committee;
Education, Science & Technology Committee;
Human Rights, Law & Ethics Committee.

Furthermore, the Department is also responsible for co-ordinating the meetings of the
the SAMA Board of Directors,
the SAMA National Council,
Chairperson Forum meetings.


SAMA Governance
SAMA Law & Ethics

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