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Labour Division

The Labour Relations division is a division of the public sector whose primary role and function is to prevent and resolve employment complaints and disputes. Briefly the division is concerned with the following issues:

  • Grievance handling
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Unfair labour practices and dismissals disputes
  • Providing advice to members on various employment relations matters
  • Employment benefits and basic conditions
  • Unfair discrimination and employment equity matters
  • Litigation

In order to achieve the above, the division employs well trained Labour Relations advisors who advise, represent and engage various employers, on behalf of affected members throughout the country with a view to protect and advance the employment interests of members.

The division, through its monitoring and enforcement mechanisms also ensures that the employers adhere to the Occupational Specific Dispensation and other labour related policies.

The division further provides constant updates on new developments and trends in the field of employment relations with a view to ensure that members are sufficiently informed at all times.

The division may be contacted as follows:

Email: or 012 481 2072

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