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Anton van Schalkwyk: Medical Coding Specialist

Correction: This article replaces the communication that was sent out on 2019/12/03. Instead of MPS Online Store, the correct point of sale for the 2020 MDCM books is the MPC Online Store. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the error.

The Coding Division of the South African Medical Association is glad to announce that the 2020 edition of the Medical Doctors’ Coding Manual (MDCM) has become available on the 25th November 2019. Both the book and electronic browser (eMDCM) are ready for distribution. The implementation date for both products is 1 January 2020.

For the first time, MPC Online Store will be responsible for handling the sale and distribution of the hard copy books, while SAMA itself will still handle all sales regarding the eMDCM browser..

1. How to Order:

In order to purchase your copy of the MDCM book or licence for the eMDCM browser, go to our website and click on SAMA Products.

1.1. SAMA paid-up members:

SAMA Members must remember that they are eligible for a discount on their first hard copy of the MDCM book and one free licence for their first eMDCM order. In order to qualify for the member offer, you must log in first at the top right hand corner of the home page with your username and password before selecting the SAMA Products link to order. This will ensure that the ordering system will link the order to your membership profile. Here you can ensure that your SAMA membership is active and paid up to receive the benefit of the reduced costs.

1.2. Non-member buyers:

For non-SAMA members, orders may be placed by directly going from the home page to SAMA Products.

1.3. How to proceed to Order (Members after logging in):

Under SAMA Products, choose the product you want to order (whether it would be eMDCM browser or Medical Doctors’ Coding Manual Book)

1.3.1. Ordering the 2020 eMDCM Browser:
- Click on BUY NOW.
- Choose Invoice Information (Company or Client).
- Fill in the online form. If you see the message at the bottom of the form that says: “You are NOT eligible for the SAMA Member reduced pricing”, it will indicate that you are not logged in as a paid-up member. (If you are a paid up member of SAMA, please log in first to qualify for the discounts).
- Select the number of licensed units you want to order (Remember, members get the first licence free).
- Select Payment method (Credit Card or EFT).
- Accept the Terms and Conditions.
- Click on Continue which will take you to the correct payment option of your choice.

1.3.2. Ordering the 2020 MDCM Book:
-Members, remember to log in first!
- Under SAMA Products, click on Read More.
- Read the information and at the bottom, click on the “Purchase the book online” link.
- You will now be redirected to the MPC Online Store screen.
- Select the number of units you want to buy.
- Click on Add to Cart.
NB: If you have already logged in as a SAMA member on the SAMA webpage, do NOT click on the link: SAMA members qualify for discounted rate. This will divert you back to the SAMA home page for log-in!
- You are now being directed to your shopping cart. Ensure that the quantity ordered shows the correct amount of books.
- Click on “Check-Out”.
- Fill in the online form and then click on “Continue to Shipping”.
- Choose the correct Shipping option. As the MPC Online Shop is situated in Cape Town, Capetonians have the option to collect the books from their offices for free. For all else, the door-to-door courier service option will add a courier fee.
- Click on “Continue to payment”.
- Ensure the shipping address is correct and click on “Complete Order.”
- You are now being directed to the Payfast Page where you can choose your payment method and finalise the transaction.

Doctors must remember to also browse the MPC Online Shop for a vast range of other products that may add value to their practices!

2. Electronic Medical Doctors Coding Manual Browser licences

Although the 2020 eMDCM licence will be valid from 1st January to 31st December 2020, a grace period of two months will apply which will give the user access to the browser until the end of February 2021. This also means that the 2019 program will remain functional for the duration of January and February 2020 before updating is being required.

Should a licence for 2020 be obtained before the end of February 2020, both versions will be accessible until the grace period of the 2019 version is finished. This is especially a handy feature in terms of the finalisation of coding for services rendered during 2019 that still needs to be finalised in the New Year, while continuing to code for services rendered in 2020. From 1st March the software will automatically discontinue use of the 2019 version, while providing continuous access of the 2020 version.

It should be noted that the SAMA website provides both the eMDCM Browser, as well as the MDCM book with a “READ MORE” button that provides more product information, system requirement information for the browser version and information regarding the ordering of the products.

Whenever you are ready to order, click on the “BUY NOW” button next to the product you wish to order, fill in the online form and follow the payment instructions.

3. Pricing of the 2020 Medical Doctors’ Coding Manual Products

2020 eMDCM Browser

Number of copies/licences

Price per unit

1st licence for SAMA members

Available free of charge to every SAMA member in private practice (including limited private practice)

1st licence for Non-SAMA members

R 1097.34 per licence (VAT Inclusive)

2nd-10th Licence

2nd-10th Licence R 914.24 per licence (VAT Inclusive)

11th-Unlimited Number Licences

R 550.50 per licence (VAT Inclusive) Please contact SAMA coding on 012 481 2073 for multi-licence arrangement

Email enquiries regarding orders can be addressed to


SAMA Members-First copy only

R 665.50 (Exclusive of VAT) (discounted rate)

SAMA Members other than first copy/ Non-SAMA Members

R 1758.40 (Exclusive of VAT)

Courier Costs at the time of publishing

+ R100.00

Email enquiries regarding book orders can be addressed to 

The Medical Doctors’ Coding Manual is updated annually. Submissions for changes, additions, discontinuation of codes and their respective interpretations are being considered on an annual basis. It is the responsibility of the various disciplines’ associations and societies to submit changes to SAMA and after the changes to the coding structure have been approved by the SAMA Specialists in Private Practice Committee, the changes are being implemented. The Medical Coding Division at SAMA invites all the disciplines whose codes are represented in the MDCM to approach us with the changes that needs to be implemented. The best approach is to work through your discipline’s society or association if you want to make a submission. Forms for application to introduce new codes, revisions to existing codes or removal of codes are printed in the MDCM book, or may be obtained from

It is also important that the various disciplines regularly send SAMA updates of their coding structures and coding guidelines. This would not only enable us to broaden the interpretations contained within the coding structure, but assist us in terms of accuracy when providing practices and funders with coding information.

SAMA Coding Division

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