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PP4U:The Complete CPT® for South Africa (CCSA) – 2020 Edition is available



The Complete CPT® for South Africa (CCSA) – 2020 Edition is available

The Complete CPT® for South Africa (CCSA) is being published by SAMA under licence of the American Medical Association every two years. CCSA – 2020 Edition, has been available from SAMA since July 2019. It includes all the CPT updates for 2018 and 2019 and errata up to March 2019.

The CCSA - 2020 edition of CPT, which also features the American Medicare RBRVS 2019 Units attached to each CPT code is a one-stop reference for CPT, which includes coding guidelines as contained in the American Medical Association’s CPT Professional edition, with the Relative Value Units included. It has also been South Africanised with South African spelling rules and is an essential tool for everyone who works with CPT coding. In terms of CPT coding, it combines the previous two years’ coding structures into one. It is worth it to note that the CCSA edition as published by SAMA brings a huge saving when compared to courier costs from the USA.

CPT coding is partially important for the South African private medical industry, because hospitals use it to claim towards Medical Schemes. But it is also important, because to a large extent it is used to benchmark our coding systems and is used as such for the acceptance of all new codes in the Medical Doctors’ Coding Manual by SAMA. It is often used to measure proper coding in South Africa in general and is therefore highly influential within the South African context. Also, it is important to note that the South African private medical industry implements the revisions in the CPT coding system every two years once it becomes active with the CCSA publications. The Complete CPT for South Africa Book Sets (Volume 1 and 2) is being published every second year.

1. Where to order from

Whereas the SAMA Medical Coding Division took responsibility in the past to sell both the hard copies (published in 2 volumes every second year) and the CCSA browser, from SAMA head office, the point of sale has changed during November 2019 for the CCSA 2020 – 2020 Edition books, although the starting point to order your copy or copies is still the SAMA website at The electronic browsers’ sales are still managed by SAMA’s Private Practice Department. For the book sets the SAMA Home Page will from now redirect buyers to the MPC Online Store (while ordering the book set(s) from the MPC Online Store, do not forget to also look around and see what other products from their vast range of medical supplies may add value to any practice! Additional products may be added to the cart to enhance the shopping experience).
1.1. Members vs Non-members

1.1.1. Up to date paid-up members qualify for substantial discounts on both their first eCCSA browser licence and their first hardcopy of book sets (Volume 1 and 2). In order to qualify for the discount when ordering the book set(s) or the software licence(s), members must log-in first to the secure member website by typing their Username and Password at the top-right corner of the SAMA Home Page. From there they may go to SAMA Products in order to start the ordering process.

1.1.2. Non-member clients may go directly from the SAMA Home Page to the SAMA Products link.

1.2. SAMA Products Page:
On the SAMA Products page, you may choose whether you want to buy the 2020 CCSA book sets or the eCCSA 2020 browser.

1.2.1. Ordering the CCSA Book Set(s)
- Members, remember to log in first!
- Under SAMA Products, click on Read More.
- Read the information and at the bottom, click on the “Purchase the book online” link.
- You will now be redirected to the MPC Online Store screen.
- Select the number of units you want to buy.
- Click on Add to Cart. NB:
If you have already logged in as a SAMA member on the SAMA webpage, do NOT click on the link: SAMA members qualify for discounted rate. This will divert you back to the SAMA home page for log-in!
- You are now being directed to your shopping cart. Ensure that the quantity ordered shows the correct amount of books.
- Click on “Check-Out”.
- Fill in the online form and then click on “Continue to Shipping”.
 - Choose the correct Shipping option. As the MPC Online Store is situated in Cape Town, Capetonians have the option to collect the books from their offices for free. For all else, the door-to-door courier service option will add a courier fee.
- Click on “Continue to payment”.
- Ensure the shipping address is correct and click on “Complete Order.”
- You are now being directed to the Payfast Page where you can choose your payment method and finalise the transaction.

1.2.2. Ordering the CCSA Browser licence(s)
- From the SAMA Home Page, go to SAMA Products (Members, remember to log in first).
- Click on Read More, next to the product to verify necessary information, including system requirements.
- Click on “Click here to continue” in order to go to the ordering page, or go back and click on “BUY NOW”.
- Completed the Invoice Information.
- Please provide your contact information.
- Select the number of units (book sets) you require the amount due will be calculated depending on the postage/delivery method you require.
- Select the payment method either by Credit Card or by EFT - Accept the terms and conditions.
- Click on “Continue”.
- Control the contact and invoice information and payment summary.
- Upon clicking the continue button below your transaction information will be stored and marked as pending.
- Please email your proof of payment to coding@samedical.orgor fax to 012 481 2117
- Once the proof of payment has been received you will receive confirmation that your transaction has been processed and finalised.
- You may confirm your order by emailing

2. eCCSA Licences:
Although the 2020 eCCSA licence will be valid from 1st January to 31st December 2021 (valid for a two year period), a grace period of two months will apply which will give the user access to the browser until the end of February 2022. This also means that the 2019 program will remain functional for the duration of January and February 2020 before updating is being required.

Should a licence for 2020 be obtained before the end of February 2020, both versions will be accessible until the grace period of the 2018 version is finished. This is especially a handy feature in terms of the finalisation of coding for services rendered during 2019 that still needs to be finalised in the New Year, while continuing to code for services rendered in 2020. From 1st March the software will automatically discontinue use of the CCSA 2018 version, while providing continuous access of the 2020 version.

3. Pricing of CCSA – 2020 Edition Products:
3.1. Browser: Complete CPT for South Africa - 2020 Edition software licences:

Number of copies/licences

Price per unit

1st licence for SAMA members

R 322.91 per licence

1st licence for Non-SAMA members

R 645.81 per licence (VAT Inclusive)

2nd to unlimited licences for SAMA members and non-members

R 484.36 per licence (VAT Inclusive)

Email enquiries regarding orders can be addressed
3.2. Book Sets: Complete CPT for South Africa – 2020 Edition

SAMA members-First copy only

R 754.98 (exclusive of VAT) (discounted rate)

SAMA Members other than first copy/ Non-SAMA members

R 1,509.60 (exclusive of VAT)

Non SAMA members

R1,509.60 (exclusive of VAT)

Courier Costs at the time of publishing

+ R250.00

Please note that VAT needs to be added to the total of the order for the books Email enquiries regarding orders can be addressed to

4. Also Available from SAMA

Other products that are essentials in any medical doctor’s practice, as well as Medical Schemes, are the following publications (all of which are available at discounted rates for SAMA Members)

4.1. Medical Doctors’ Coding Manual (MDCM) 2020 Book (available from This book is being published annually with all the latest changes and amendments. It is important to obtain a fresh copy each year in order to confirm correct coding.

4.2. Medical Doctors’ Coding Manual 2020 e-browser (eMDCM). Published annually at the same time as the book, this licence is renewable each year, with the first licence being free for paid-up members). Included with the eMDCM is also an ICD-10 browser.

4.3. ICD-10 Browser for 2020 – Coming Soon.

4.4. South African Medicines Formulary 13th Edition (available from The SAMF 13th Edition is available now. To know what to prescribe, this guide is essential. Order your copy now!

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