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PP4U: Call for SAMA member Comment on the General Practice Standards of the Office of Health Standards Standards Compliance (OHS



Call for SAMA member Comment on the General Practice Standards of the Office of Health Standards Standards Compliance (OHSC)

Dear Doctors,
The release of the latest incarnation of the National Health Insurance Policy Document holds significant promise for increased emphasis on primary care and the role of general practitioners in the health system.

In future healthcare providers to National Health Insurance members will have to be accredited by the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC).

The NHI POlicy paper puts much emphasis on improving quality in both public and private sectors through the inspection and accreditation activities OHSC. South Africa has a set of Core quality standards for public facilities, which operate within 7 domains for assessing quality of service and health care delivery,

The OHSC has also put out guidelines specifically to apply to General practitioner practices in the future, and is seeking realistic feedback from practitioners serving the populace on the practicality and appropriateness of these standards - to which all accredited practices serving National Health Insurance patients will be expected to adhere.

The Draft OHSC standards are attached. The provide significant scope for general practitioner services within the NHI construct, but also lay down multiple administrative and service responsibilities for practices to adhere to.

Over the next two months. SAMA will be collating comments for submission to the OHSC to inform and develop these standards. The standards follow the National Core Standards in terms of 7 Domains, and 20 subdomains.

We will be focussing on two Domains every week for the next two months.

Please send your comments regarding the requirements for Domains 1 and 2 by 31July so we can include these in our response to the OHSC. Comments to

The comments are vitally important to the future of General practice in the country.

OHSC - GP Standards _ Dr Labadorios_20 February 2017

Last updated Monday, 24 July 2017 17:40

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