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PP4U: Enhanced Pre-authorisation Process for Hospital Benefit Management - Medscheme


Enhanced Pre-authorisation Process for Hospital Benefit Management - Medscheme

The following excerpt from Medscheme's pre-authorisation rule in a circular to service providers and administrative staff:

Please take note that Medscheme has sent out the following notification regarding Pre-Authorisations with their Hospital Benefit Management from 13 September 2018.

 For ALL of the following instances:

  • In-hospital admissions
  • Doctor in-room (in lieu of hospitalisation) procedures
  • Specialised radiology
  • Renal dialysis
  • Physiotherapy benefits if required by the scheme
  • Any other type of in-hospital authorisation request for all Medscheme administered Schemes

Please complete all 6 mandatory fields:
1. Treatment date: When is the person being admitted?
2. Member and beneficiary number: Who is being admitted?
3. Treating provider practice number: Who is the treating healthcare professional?
4. Place of service practice number: Where is the person being treated?
5. Relevant diagnosis and/or procedure codes: Why is the person being admitted?
6. In- or Out-of-hospital indicator: Will the person be admitted as an in-patient or be treated as an out-patient?

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any of these 6 basic mandatory fields are not completed, the pre-authorisation request will not be acknowledged or captured into their systems. No reference number will be generated and no claim will be processed without the applicable authorisation number.

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