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Continued Professional Development

A number of years ago, the CPD system was introduced in South Africa by the Health Professions Council of SA.CPD - meaning Continuing Professional Development.  

Doctors who wished to maintain their Registration with the Council had to upkeep a specific number of CPD points as was instructed by the Council.  

The purpose of CPD is “to assist health professionals to maintain and acquire new and updated levels of knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes that will be of measurable benefit in professional practice and to enhance and promote professional integrity” – this was taken from the CPD Guideline of the HPCSA.

The SA Medical Association is one of the institutions that have been appointed by the Medical and Dental Professions Board of the Health Professions Council of SA to review and approve CPD applications.  

Accreditation for CPD Events

CPD Accreditation is the unit within the business unit that receives applications from private as well as public sector customers that apply for CPD points when they host medical and ethical forums, conventions, or any other event where medical professionals registered by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) attend these events. 

SAMA is accredited by the HPCSA and regular audits are performed to ensure transparency and CPD points are allocated to events in accordance to the guidelines set by the HPCSA. 

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Online CPD Manager - free to all SAMA members


  • You are required to obtain 60 CEU points within 24 months after completion of your Community Service/HPCSA registration.
  • 10 of the 60 points have to be obtained for ethics.
  • It is recommended that you acquire 30 points (of which 5 should be for ethics) within the first 12 months to make the process manageable.
  • You will not receive a CPD Compliance Audit within 24 months after completion of your Community Service/HPCSA registration. This is deemed a "grace period".
  • After the lapse of the 24 month period, you may be selected for an HPCSA compliance audit at any time which means that your current CEU balance at any date should equal 60 points (of which 10 should be for ethics)

South African SAMA members 

The Online CPD Manager allows you to upload any other CPD certificates that you may have obtained during your 24 month CPD cycle. You may export your CPD attendance certificates in the CPD 1 IAR Form, required by the HPCSA, from the CPD Manager and submit it directly to the HPCSA.

International SAMA members

The Online CPD Manager allows you to download your SAMA annual congress CPD attendance certificate in PDF for submission to your International Council.

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How to access your CPD certificate online

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