South African Medical Association

Health Policy Committee

The Health Policy Committee contributes to its vision of empowering doctors to improve the health of the nation through participation in the relevant policy discussions and interrogation of new and existing policies that relate to health. Furthermore, the Committee acts in an advisory role to SAMA members and structures on matters concerning health policy. In addition, Committee members strive to provide and share their health policy knowledge and expertise with other Standing Committees as well as the wider SAMA membership through writing and publishing (such as in the SAMA Insider) as well as through inter-committee communication. The Committee shall also strive to involve branches and standing committees in dealing with discussion documents, proposed SAMA policies, etc and to keep membership informed on the pertinent policy issues that are discussed at the Health Policy Committee.

There are three sub-structures under the Health Policy Committee, namely:

  1. 1. Climate Change and Health subcommittee
  2. 2. Subcommittee on HIV, TB, & related issues
  3. 3. National Health Insurance subcommittee

Elected Committee members of the committee

  • HPC Health Policy Committee
    • Dr LLP Bayeni - SAMA Border Coastal
    • Dr LNM Maki - SAMA Gauteng North
    • Dr DS Mokumo - SAMA Limpopo
    • Dr LM Shange - SAMA Gauteng North
  • HPC Health Policy Committee Chairperson
    • Dr LM Shange - SAMA Gauteng North

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