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The 2024 version of the Electronic ICD-10 Browser developed by SAMA is now available!

It includes the latest 2014 MIT ICD-10 codes which is the official version of ICD-10 diagnostic codes developed by the World Health Organisation used in South-Africa. Please note that although later versions of ICD-10 are available only the information as presented in this browser should be used. Most ICD-10 information on Google are referring to ICD-10-CM used in the United States of America and differs from the information used in South Africa.

Due to the need amongst the industry SAMA has obtained a licence to produce an ICD-10 diagnostic code browser by the World Health Organisation.

This stand-alone ICD-10 browser is for those practices and industry role players that do not wish to buy the eCCSA or the eMDCM (which now also includes the ICD-10 codes). This is SAMA's first release version.

This product contains (in addition to the versions bundled in the other SAMA browsers) the 2013 PMB (prescribed minimum benefits) list linked to ICD-10 codes. Another feature of the product is that you can search on common names of diseases for example Jungle fever. Refer to A95.0.

This Windows Program will update with new content (when available) every time you open the program.

Please take note that this program can only run on Windows and Unfortunately Apple users will not be able to download this program.

2024 edition of the Electronic ICD-10 Browser
(based on the 2014 ICD-10 Master Industry Tables)

Please follow the following link for the 2024 Prices -

A product key will be made available to unlock the licence

For assistance with downloading and activation of the product please follow the following link to the How to Guides -

Licence period:

The ICD-10 Browser program has a one year licence period valid from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024. Should you purchase the product within this allocated time period, the licence will only remain valid for the remainder of the above mentioned one year period. A grace period of two months will apply, thus the program will remain functional for January and February 2024.

Please direct any coding queries to our Medical Coding Division on 012 481 2073 or email and we will gladly assist you. Please note that all non-SAMA members should communicate via email.

For any Computer / IT related queries, please contact SOSiT via email

SAMA's Medical Coding Division

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