The Complete CPT® for South Africa (CCSA) consists of the American Medical Association's Physicians' Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®), which is a systematic listing and coding of procedures and services performed by medical practitioners.  Linked to these procedures and services is the Medicare Resource-based Relative Value Scale, which consist of relative value units for facilities and non-facilities, where appropriate.

Each procedure or service is identified with a five-digit code.  The use of CPT® codes simplifies the reporting of services.  With this coding and recording system, the procedure or service rendered by the medical practitioner is accurately defined.

Inclusion of a descriptor and its associated specific five-digit identifying code number in CPT® is generally based upon the procedure being consistent with contemporary medical practice and being performed by many medical practitioners in clinical practice in multiple locations.

The main body of the material is listed in the following six sections:

  • Evaluation / Management 99201-99499
  • Anaesthesia 00100-01999
  • Surgery 10040-69990
  • Radiology 70010-79999
  • Pathology / Laboratory 80048-89398
  • Medicine 90281-99607

Within each section are subsections with anatomic, procedural, condition, or description subheadings.  The procedures and services with their identifying codes are presented in numeric order with one exception - the entire Evaluation and Management section (99201-99499) has been placed at the beginning of the listed procedures. These items are used by most medical practitioners in reporting a significant portion of their services. The Medicine (procedures) section follows on the section for Pathology and Laboratory. A sub-section Special Services and Reportsappears at the end of the Medicine section and contains, amongst others, information on After Hour Services and Travel Costs.

The 2019 SAMA electronic Complete CPT for South Africa (CCSA) is available Implementation dated: 1 January 2019.

The 2019 updated programme includes:

  • All the 2019 CPT procedural codes
  • All modifiers applicable to CPT
  • Easy to use search functionality
  • ICD-10 codes based on the ICD-10 Master Industry Table added for convenience

Please note that a separate eICD-10 Browser is available with the 2013 PMB (prescribed minimum benefits) list linked to ICD-10 codes. Another feature of that product is that you can search on common names of diseases for example Jungle fever. Refer to A95.0.

The SAMA eCCSA is a Windows based program and requires the following operating system to run and install on:

  1. Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  2. Window's .NET framework (will install automatically if not already on your computer)
  3. A valid SAMA licence activation key

Electronic CCSA Browser

Please follow the following link for the 2019 Prices -

A product key will be made available to unlock the licence

For assistance with downloading and activation of the product please follow the following ling to the How to Guides -

This Windows Program will update with new content (when available) every time you open the program.

Please take note that this program can only run on Windows. Apple users will not be able to download this program.

Licence period:

The eCCSA program has a two year licence period valid from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020. ( Product available from July 2017 for implementation on 1 January 2018).

Should you purchase the product within this allocated time period, the licence will only remain valid for the remainder of the above mentioned two year period. A grace period of two months will apply, thus the program will remain functional to January until end of February 2021.

It should be noted that every effort should be made to code as accurately as possible even if third party funders do not grant benefits for all services rendered. In these cases patients should be held responsible for payment for services. Please remember that third parties may elect not to directly remuneration the medical practitioner for the services rendered and make the payment for the service (even at the benefit amount) directly to the patient (their member).

Please direct any coding queries to our Medical Coding Unit via email or on 012 481 2073 and we will gladly assist you. Please note that all non-SAMA members should communicate via email.

For any Computer / IT related queries, please contact SOSiT via email or on 087 550 0598.

SAMA's Medical Coding Unit

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