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Allocate Committees to Admins

This pack is brought to you as a membership benefit, in collaboration with Elsabe Klinck & Associates (Pty) Ltd. Elsabe and her team is well-known in the industry, and they remain available to assist you in your POPI compliance journey.

Many service providers provide POPI packs, but not all of them are familiar with the requirements in the health sector and many do not understand the specifics of a medical practice. It is important that POPI documents are specific to your practice and the health sector, as generic consents, general statements and vague descriptions will not pass POPI muster!

This pack includes the following documents:

  1. 1. This covering letter
  2. 2. A Guide, which sets out the steps to follow to become POPI compliant, including a Notification of processing template.
  3. 3. A POPI Policy Template, also called the POPI Framework
  4. 4. A PAIA Manual (soon to be called a 'PAIA Guide', to with new forms will be issued closer to the end of June)
  5. 5. A consent to disclosure for patients and staff who agree to their personal and health information being provided to, for example, insurers or medical schemes, kept in the patient / employee file
  6. 6. A reporting form, which is kept separately as a record to show the Information Regulator that the practice has a record of all personal information disclosed, those consented to (document 5, or those where laws compel the practice to disclose)
  7. 7. A hefty retention policy, which also contains templates on recording documents submitted for archiving, and a template for documents being destroyed. This document also lists all the laws that stipulate mandatory document retention periods.

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