South African Medical Association

Human Resource Department

Gosiame Leballo
Lerato Lekoana
Diane Smith

We are committed to building and supporting the Association's business by maximising the value of human capital and aligning it with Association's initiatives, values, mission and vision, through:

  • Establishing, developing, maintaining, and communicating human resources programs throughout the entire organisation to represent and boost the morale and efficiency of employees, while simultaneously keeping the overall best interests of the organisation in mind.
  • Maintaining a fair, equitable, and positive work environment for all employees.

Our Objectives:

  • Provide employees with the tools, training, and knowledge that will motivate them to perform in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Inspire and encourage a high level of employee morale through recognition programs, effective communication, and providing constant feedback.
  • Establish, administer, and communicate sound policies and practices that treat employees with dignity and equality while maintaining compliance with applicable law, policy, and regulation.
  • Recruit and appoint the most qualified employees, ensuring an effective recruitment process; Promote from within, whenever possible, especially when it is beneficial to the employee and to the organization.
  • Provide a safe, efficient, and attractive work environment through the maintenance of good physical working conditions and proper work practices and safeguards, and the fostering of harmonious work relationships among all employees through our common values.

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