South African Medical Association


Dr Aneena Mary Anthony
University of Pretoria (graduation class of 2019)
Currently working in East London (2019)

" The SAMA bursary has been a blessing which has aided my studies over the years. I consider it a privilege to be able to help and serve our society and will passionately continue this into the future. June 2020 "

Ms Kayla Geldenhuys
Medical student (4th year student)
University of Pretoria (2020)

" I am an MBChB student from Tuks – started 2017 and graduating in 2022. This bursary has helped me tremendously to get to this point and I will always be grateful to SAMA for their generous contribution to shaping my career as a medical doctor. "

Ms Kerina Padayachee
Medical student (4th year student)
University of Pretoria (2020)

" I am currently a medical student at the University of Pretoria, and I hope to graduate as part of the Class of 2022. Understanding the human body, how it functions, how it reacts and how it heals, has long been a passion of mine and it is often said when you use that passion in the service of others it becomes your purpose. However, pursuing one’s purpose is not always feasible when you’re staying in a residence 7 hours away from home or studying from textbooks that cost more than a month’s allowance. Fortunately, the funding that I have received from the South African Medical Association has assisted me immensely towards overcoming these adversities and fulfilling my purpose, and for that I will always be grateful. The field of medicine is vast and innovative and because of that I cannot say with great certainty what I would one day like to specialise in, perhaps Neurology? Or even Internal medicine? But what I can say is that once I graduate and I have been granted permission to become a doctor, I will faithfully dedicate my life to the service of humanity…. And that in itself is a privilege I will always hold dear. "

Mr Lungelo Mnqandi
Medical student (4th year student)
Stellenbosch University (2020)

" I am currently a 4th year (of 6) medical student, enrolled at Stellenbosch University Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, class of 2022. The SAMA bursary has been of great help to me in the last couple of years and has really made a once distant, and seemingly impossible dream of becoming a doctor, closer and closer to being a reality. I am really appreciative of the opportunity that SAMA continuously and consistently offers and thus this will allow me to be in a position to one day, help another student make their dreams come true. "

Mr Yanga Mbele
Medical student (4th year student)
University of KwaZulu Natal - Nelson Mandela School of Medicine(2020)

" I will complete my degree hopefully in 2022 and my goals for the future is to be a pediatrician as I have a natural liking for children and also because children are the most vulnerable individuals in our society and require the greatest amount of care. The SAMA bursary has helped me in striving towards my dream of becoming a medical doctor it has also been of great financial assistance not only that but it has also provided me with support in terms of guidance when it comes to my career path which is medicine I truly do appreciate it as it not only helps create brilliant capable future Doctors but also helps alleviate the burden of the lack of Doctors within our health care system. "