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Dr Aneena Mary Antony
University of Pretoria (graduation class of 2019)
Currently working in East London (2019)

" The SAMA bursary has been a blessing which has aided my studies over the years. I consider it a privilege to be able to help and serve our society and will passionately continue this into the future. "

Ms Kayla Geldenhuys
Medical student (4th year student)
University of Pretoria (2020)

" I am a MBChB student from Tuks, start in 2017 and will be graduating in 2022. This bursary has helped me tremendously to get to this point and I will always be grateful to SAMA for their generous contribution to shaping my career as a medical doctor. "

Dr Tsakane Hlongwane
PhD Supplementary Scholarship
University of Pretoria (2020)

The effects of introducing Basic Antenatal Care Plus and Umbiflow on antenatal care and perinatal mortality.
Aim of the thesis is to determine the prevalence of raised resistance indices (RI) of the umbilical artery in a low risk pregnant women.

" I am a Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from the University of Pretoria (UP). I am an aspiring clinician scientist, working at the SAMRC-UP Maternal and Infant Health Care Strategies Unit and Steve Biko Academic hospital. My special interest is in maternal and perinatal health, and improving health systems. Currently, my work focuses on improving the antenatal experience of care and preventing stillbirths. "

Ms Joyce M Kgatshe
Medical Student (5th year student)
University of KwaZulu Natal (2020)

" I was funded by SAMA for my 3rd and 4th years of study. This made a huge difference as I did not have any other funding and motivated me to do well as it required me to be great. Now I'm disciplined in my studies and doing really well. It will be an honor to serve in the public sector once I complete my undergraduate and continue being a member of the future I would love to pursue an MMed in Anaesthesiology. Thank you so much for believing in me and giving me chance to be great. "

Mr Yanga Mbele
Medical student (4th year student)
University of KwaZulu Natal - Nelson Mandela School of Medicine (2020)

" I will complete my degree hopefully in 2022 and my goals for the future is to be a pediatrician as I have a natural liking for children and also because children are the most vulnerable individuals in our society and require the greatest amount of care. The SAMA bursary has helped me in striving towards my dream of becoming a medical doctor it has also been of great financial assistance not only that but it has also provided me with support in terms of guidance when it comes to my career path which is medicine I truly do appreciate it as it not only helps create brilliant capable future Doctors but also helps alleviate the burden of the lack of Doctors within our health care system . "

Ms Nqobile Mngomezulu
Medical student (4th year student)
Stellenbosch University (2020)

" I am currently at Ngwelezana hospital. I am doing my elective there. I am not sure as yet what I want to specialize in. I would like to thank the SAMA for their support. Thank you for trusting me with such lots and lots of money. Words cannot expressed the difference you have made in my life. Thank you for believing in my dreams. This bursary was my answered prayer. I pray that your prayers get answered too. I thank the Lord for giving you the strength and the heart of giving. You gave me something that my parents could not give me, you gave me hope and a better future. "

Mr Lungelo Mnqandi
Medical student (4th year student)
Stellenbosch University (2020)

" I am currently a 4th year (of 6) medical student, enrolled at Stellenbosch University Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, class of 2022. The SAMA bursary has been of great help to me in the last couple of years and has really made a once distant, and seemingly impossible dream of becoming a doctor, closer and closer to being a reality. I am really appreciative of the opportunity that SAMA continuously and consistently offers and thus this will allow me to be in a position to one day, help another student make their dreams come true. "

Mr Gervis Mphahlele
Medical Student (5th year student)
University of Cape Town (2021)

" I have been a recipient of the SAMA bursary since 2017. Children move me and that is why I aspire to become a Paediatrician. "

Mr Thabang Mphaka
Medical student (4th year student)
University of Witwatersrand (2020)

" I applied for SAMA when I was in matric and by the grace of God, I got it. SAMA paid R10 000 twice per year every year since I began my first year at The university of the Witwatersrand. Currently I am in my 4th year of Medicine and I look towards the future with hope and gratitude. I am more than thankful for the assistance that I have received from SAMA since I began my journey in medicine. I plan to graduate medicine from Wits in 2022. "

Mr Manqoba Mtimkulu
Medical Student (4th year student)
University of KwaZulu Natal (2020)

" I thank you for the opportunity. I am 21 year old in 4th year of Nelson Mandela School of Medicine in UKZN. I will finish my studies in year 2022. SAMA bursary has aid with my tuition fees from first year in 2017, even though it does not cover everything but fortunately I have another bursary that covers the remaining balance. I’m really grateful to SAMA, for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a doctor, I have always wanted to be a medical doctor from the age of 5. I was raised by a single parent who is a teacher by profession and would have not be able to afford to take me to University. Ever since my clinical exposure I have been inspired to become a specialist, and my specialty of choice is Cardiologist. Thank You "

Ms Kerina Padayachee
Medical student (4th year student)
University of Pretoria (2020)

" Understanding the human body, how it functions, how it reacts and how it heals, has long been a passion of mine and it is often said when you use that passion in the service of others it becomes your purpose. However, pursuing one's purpose is not always feasible when youre staying in a residence 7 hours away from home or studying from textbooks that cost more than a months allowance. Fortunately, the funding that I have received from the South African Medical Association has assisted me immensely towards overcoming these adversities and fulfilling my purpose, and for that I will always be grateful. "

Dr Leana Spies
Research Masters Supplementary Scholarship
University of Cape Town (2020)

Understanding the experiences of adolescents and young adults with cancer in a Northern Cape public health setting.
Aim: To explore and identify the challenges experienced by AYAs with cancer in a Northern Cape public health setting. Objectives: 1) To describe the key concerns and priorities experienced by AYAs with cancer; 2) To determine the holistic care needs of AYAs with cancer; 3) To identify the current limitations of health care resources that influence the provision of appropriate palliative care for AYAs with cancer in the Northern Cape.

" I would like to once again give my sincere thanks to SAMA for the scholarship I received in 2020. The financial support enabled me to produce a higher quality research study that, I am hoping, will create awareness and trigger the development of strategies and policies to improve the quality of life of adolescents and young adults with cancer in South Africa. "

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